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exercise classes brighton

GX: Strength

Build a strong physique through resistance training.  Focussing on controlled movements you will master the use of free weight exercise using specific compound lifting techniques. This session will  facilitate growth, not just in muscle but in the knowledge of lifting correctly too.

exercise classes

GX: Move

Utilising your own bodyweight to develop the fundamentals of flexibility, coordination and movement. Learn how to improve your muscular endurance through bodyweight training and enjoy the transferable athletic skills it will provide. Sustainability isn’t just for the environment, it’s for your own personal health, fitness and wellbeing.

exercise classes brighton

GX: Challenge

A challenging high intensity workout using a variety of functional training systems including HIIT, Boxing, circuits and plyometrics.  These sessions are designed to improve stamina, speed, coordination and agility. This calorie burning high energy class will boost your fitness to the next level.


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