Exercise Classes

Fast Class

exercise classes

When you’re really in a rush, these fast, high-intesity classes will be sure to get you moving. Run by our expert fitness coaches on the gym floor, this will be an energy burst that sends calories packing. This daily class is 20-30 minutes long and free to all of our gym members.

Group Exercise Classes:

GX Strength

exercise classes brighton

Build strength through heavy low rep resistance sets.This timed interval partner style resistance workout will take your strength to the next level. Focusing on slow, heavy low rep sets you’ll be mastering the fundamentals of free weight exercise with specific compound lifting stations. 

GX Move

exercise classes

Learn the fundamentals of flexibility, coordination, movement and bodyweight exercise.With elements of flow, floor movement, proprioception, balance and coordination you’ll gain all over body strength whilst learning to move with purpose and functionality.

GX Endurance

exercise classes brighton

A empowering cardiovascular workout using a variety of training systems to improve stamina, speed, coordination and agility.Utilising a diverse range of styles from boxing to HIIT. A challenging, fun and calorie burning workout which will take your fitness to the next level.

gx challenge

Challenge your mind and body with this competitive hybrid workout. Each week new challenges in cardio and resistance will keep you pushing yourself to achieve more. Every 6 weeks you’ll be put through your paces with our Eco Fitness Trial.

GX Reboot

ATTENTION RECRUITS! Get ready for the weekend with this military inspired bootcamp workout.  Push, pull, throw, run and carry your way  through this workout. Minimal rest, maximum effort will have you achieving things you never thought you could. 

GX Volume

Build lean muscle through high volume resistance sets.This timed interval resistance workout will work your whole body with high volume sets. Want to tone up and burn some calories whilst doing it? This is the workout for you.


(Lancing Gym Only) A high intensity mix of functional strength and cardiovascular workout that brings out the inner Viking.


exercise classes

Every 6 weeks on a Friday come take part in the eco fitness trial. A carefully selected combination of timed exercises will test you on all aspects of fitness and stamina. This is a great way to set a benchmark for your fitness level and see how you are progressing. Take the challenge!


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