Personal Trainer

Caio Duayer

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Trainer available at Brighton Gym

I strongly believe fitness should be a fun and exciting journey, there is no reason to be stuck with a boring training program that doesn’t motivate you.
There is also no single specific routine that fits all, so when it comes to nutrition, body type, or even personal preferences, I am determined to find exercises that push you to get the goals you want! 

Getting the fitness goals you want can take time and effort that many of us don’t have to spare, so I preach practicality above all. With your commitment, my coaching, training hard and smart, the results you want are closer than they seem.

Fitness is truly my passion, I’ve been involved in sports and martial arts from a young age and now specialize in muscle building, weight loss, nutrition and Muay Thai. So regardless of what stage you’re at, if you’re looking to get stronger, feel better or hit some pads, get in touch!  

Muscle Gain
Strength and Conditioning
Muay Thai

For all enquiries please contact me via:


Instagram –

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01273 625577 / 01903 533141

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