Our Gyms

What Is Eco Gym Brighton?

Every decision we make in our business operation at Eco Gym Brighton contributes to making a positive difference to our planet. It just seems right that as advocates of a healthy lifestyle that we should take the same care with the environment as we do with our own bodies.


At EcoGym we work closely with our like-minded eco-suppliers to showcase technology and products that converts human energy to utility grade electricity, reduce water consumption and discourage harmful waste.


About Our Sustainable Gyms:

  • SportsArt Eco Powered Cardio Equipment (74% of energy produced fed back into the grid)
  • Energy saving lighting throughout the gym and shower rooms
  • We use no plastic cups or bottles, we ask members to bring their own and refill and recycle
  • We have no bins avoiding any waste, we ask members to take theirs home and recycle.
  • Paperless environment, don’t worry, we do have 100% recycled toilet paper!!
  • Low water consumption showers
  • Ventilation managed by MVHR, heat recovered from outgoing air
  • Natural Green Cleaning Products made on site
  • We use EcoTricity who provide us with 100% renewable green energy
  • We organise regular beach cleans with our members and are corporate partners to Surfers Against Sewage

Save with EcoGym

Save up to 20% on your monthly fees simply by working out. EcoGym are the first gyms in the world to offer its members the opportunity to save money, by sending power back to the grid